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The Hipster (Save $60)

The Hipster (Save $60)

299.99 359.98

So you've been in Los Angeles for a while now. You know your way around, accumulated a few parking tickets and even managed to give tours to friends and family around the city. Congratulations! This means you are ready for the "Been there, done that" membership!

The Hipster membership gives you exclusive discounts and benefits at every TransplantLA event. You can even save an additional $60 when you pay annually vs. monthly.


  • First-to-know special event invitations (this helps)
  • 1 Free Exclusive Gift (It's a secret)
  • 2 Free Cocktails at our BondFire Social mixers
  • Exclusive Happy Hour discounts at participating venues
  • Unlimited activity and event reservations 

*Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis. All refunds will be prorated by the remaining months in your membership

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