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Everything Inclusive

Unlimited Everything

That's right, you heard correct. Because our members pay their dues upfront, this enables us to create a myriad of activities and events that satisfy your social needs. All activities and events are reservable on a first come first serve basis. As long as you book your spot, you're in. 


Entertainment Activity Types

Available to all members. Entertainment activities include a range of group events starting with movie night, to karaoke, bonfires, BBQ's, pool parties and much more. 


Community Activity Types

Available to all members. Community activities often involve social opportunities that bring us together over charitable causes. Our current partner list rangers from MealsOnWheels West to the Boys and Girls Club of America (Santa Monica). If you enjoy making the world a better place then these activities are made just for you.


Education Activity Types 3

Available to SilverClass & GoldClass members. Enjoy a wide-range of skill based classes from cooking, candle-making, kombucha, modern calligraphy, ring carving, french, mandarin, wood-carving and so much more!

Health & Wellness Activity Types 

Available to SilverClass & GoldClass members. We offer an intriguing variety of group classes for our members who like to stay healthy and fit. Classes include sound healing, meditation, yoga, zumba, boot-camp, hiking, running and recreational sports. Most activities begin in the early morning, or late evening to accommodate your busy schedule.