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The BondFire

The BondFire interview series is an open discussion with our community which enables you to discover the city of LA through their recommendations and experiences. All of our conversations are produced in an intimate and accepting environment. 


Love Without Expectations

Meet Susy Schieffelin, a beautiful, kind, open-minded, and daring woman that we were fortunate to have met recently. We first noticed Susy engaging with us on Instagram, so we reached out and introduced ourselves. When initiating contact with someone you don’t know very well over social media, there is a heightened sense of awareness due to the potential risk of putting oneself in an unknown situation. We discovered quickly that this was no problem for her. She is fearless, and willing to step out of her comfort zone, a feat not all of us can claim.

When meeting her, you can instantly tell that she is creative, cultured, and artistic. She’s not just a fan of art, but practices various forms of meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual healing. The mind, body, and soul are complex, difficult to understand, yet they are instrumental components that need to work in synchrony in order for us to function efficiently. Susy understands this very well, so investing time into her self, and personal health allows her to perform at a high level.


Originally from Greenwich, Connecticut, Susy is the oldest of 4 girls, all of whom are beautiful young ladies. She attended the University of Virginia where she double majored in East Asian Studies and Religious Studies (she speaks conversational Mandarin and has spent quite a bit of time in China). After college she moved to NYC to study culinary arts at the French Culinary Institute, where she became a professional chef. Understanding the opportunity in front of her, she used her talents to get a foot in the door of the hospitality industry. Living up to the challenge, she would soon become the Director of PR & Marketing for a Michelin starred restaurant group in New York City. This shows you that a lot can happen in very little time, as long as you put your mind to it.

Side note:

There is something about people from the east coast that is unequivocally cool. You can’t really put a finger on it. “East-Coasters” are just as busy as everyone else, but they are always kind enough to stop and help, even if that advice says something like “GO TO HELL”. At least they were kind enough to stop! 

After working as Director of PR & Marketing for some time, Susy realized that she enjoyed marketing more than public relations. Marketing is more about the relationship an individual has with a particular brand, its image, and perception. Being involved with the community allowed her to build more direct relationships with people. She knew it was time for a change, and so after a few calculated moves blended with a sprinkle of fortune, she began working for a company called Luxury Attaché. Luxury Attaché is an exclusive business to business concierge service that assists clientele with everything from everyday needs to extraordinary indulgences. The role of an Attaché includes everything from assisting clients with personal at-home needs such as coordinating a white-glove move to above-and-beyond requests like securing access to VIP Super Bowl experiences (and chartering a private jet for the client to get there).

“The job requires you to be a people person because you are working with clients who have a variety of different personalities. You must always be positive, proactive, and solution oriented in order to provide the highest level of hospitality.”  – Susy

Susy’s hobbies: Spending time at the beach

Santa Monica & Point Dume (Malibu)


The Big Move

After working as an Attaché in New York City for almost four years, Susy started to feel a surprising draw to move across the country to Los Angeles. Having lived all of her life on the East Coast, the move didn’t come easily, but it was something that felt that she needed to do to keep growing and challenging herself. Being the “Swiss Army Knife” that she is, Luxury Attaché supported her need to make a change and handcrafted a role just for her to accommodate the move, amazing.

Her job aside, Susy admits that there were a few serious motivations that pushed her to move to Los Angeles. Back in May of 2015 she ended a relationship that had lasted well over 10 years. Ending a 10 year relationship is extremely difficult for anyone, but it was the events that occurred within following months that changed her life forever.

For the first time in 11 years I found myself alone, not knowing how to cope with the rush of emotions that flooded my heart. Trying to understand all of this, in addition to living an overwhelming life in New York city put me in a bad place. I was unhappy, lost, emotional, and my spirit was broken”.

Susy found herself struggling with anxiety and addiction as she tried to cope with her feelings and soon realized that if she didn’t take her life back, the damage would become poignant. She would spend the next year fighting a battle unseen to the naked eye. Susy made the choice to get sober and rebuild her life in a healthy way. She moved out of the city to stay with her parents in Connecticut where she would disconnect and recharge while commuting into NYC for work during the day.

One of the hardest parts about struggling internally is that on the outside you feel like you have to force yourself to pretend that everything is fine, but in reality nothing is. It made me realize that if I didn’t take life back into my own hands, there would be no more Susy”.

“Going through such a traumatic experience helped me to realize that I hadn’t truly been living life as my authentic self. You find yourself taking off mask, after mask, removing faces and personas that aren’t the real you until you get down to the core essence of your being. It’s hard to describe this feeling, but an eye-opening experience will teach you to appreciate life, and yourself more“.

Spending some time in the countryside helped Susy to realize how crazy life can be while living in New York. New York is an amazing city, but sometimes you need to get away, re-charge, and disconnect. By spending time with her loved ones, Susy was able to improve her state of mind, her well-being, and build a healthy lifestyle that would allow her to once again embrace life head on. From our perspective, an 11 year relationships to us equates to 11 years worth of love, trust, struggle, and emotional investments. Having this wiped away in an instant is and always will be a difficult experience to cope with.

Susy’s hobbies: Meditation and mindfulness - Click here to learn more about the benefits of meditation Transcendental and Unplug Meditation

Susy’s hobbies: Meditation and mindfulness - Click here to learn more about the benefits of meditation

Transcendental and Unplug Meditation


The First 6 Months

In a surreal way, Susy now had the opportunity to start anew. She could be whoever she wanted, whenever she felt like it. After a brief visit trip to San Diego and Los Angeles with her sister in January of 2016, she knew in her heart that this was the place that she needed to be to live her happiest, most authentic life. She spent the next six months planning her move, finally making the plunge that August. Susy was ready to take her life back and make her mark on Los Angeles!

Once I arrived, my first intention was to make new, authentic connections with the people of LA. If it weren’t for the amazing sober community in LA, I may not have been able to meet the awesome friends that I have today”.

Now that she’s rooted and established in the city, the average day for Susy in LA starts with a powerful form of mindfulness and meditation where she sets her intentions.

Everything thing that I do starts with a conscious decision to be grateful, smile, and live. The difference is that I choose to be, instead of being dragged through life, or having the feeling of being on auto-pilot”. 

Next comes her favorite morning drink BulletProof coffee, alongside her furry companion Beau. Around 9:30am Susy will then open up her computer and start to work for Luxury Attaché. Luxury Attaché has clients throughout the country, but its headquarters is based in New York. Throughout the day she will call hear teammates around the country in order to gather intel that helps her put together the newsletters she creates for the community. Every week she writes the content for 6 newsletters that cater to clients in the New York, Miami, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Miami, Los Angeles and Boston markets. Each newsletter includes about 4-7 “insider insights” such as VIP access to exclusive events (Sundance, the Oscars, the Super Bowl). Susy also handles their Social Media efforts (@LuxuryAttache) and spearheads their business development efforts in Los Angeles. She is a busy lady!

Susy’s hobbies: Painting and TLC with Beau

Near lunch, Susy will head out into the city and explore the little pockets that LA has to offer such as Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Brentwood, and West Hollywood. Taking the time to try different cuisines at lunchtime not only gives her an inventory of eclectic food variety, but also helps her learn more about the city, and how to get around.

Susy’s favorite LA restaurants:

  1. Nobu Malibu
  2. The Rose
  3. A.O.C.
  4. Jitlada
  5. Tsujita Ramen
  6. Sugarfish
  7. Gjelina
  8. The Polo Lounge

**Even though it didn’t make her list of favorite restaurants, Susy also likes to frequent Erewhon fresh food market when it comes to on-the-go meals. 

Susy has a very busy life here in LA like she did in NYC, but the difference is clear. She’s much happier, filled with joy, connected, and grounded. It is an amazing story from beginning to end, where Susy sets the standard of what it means to be a fighter. Yes, this is a story of trial and error, but it’s not about how hard you fall, nor about how fast you get up. This story is about what happens next. She could have stood up, and kept walking, or worse fell back down again. No, Susy got back up, fixed her posture, and started running in the right direction. She challenged herself to be better, put one foot in front of the other, and started walking the walk, not just talking the talk. Susy isn’t the same person she was yesterday, let alone the person she was a year ago. She’s strong, open-minded, and willing to share whats in her heart. What’s more, Susy feels dedicated to helping others to do the same. She knows that change is possible for anyone, and wants to share her experiences and help people find lasting happiness.

Susy’s hobbies: Practicing Yoga

 Sweat Yoga


Naturally, when we see a confident person we want to ask them what it is that makes them walk so straight, and smile so brightly. We asked Susy some intimate questions about herself and who she admires.

Who do you look up to?

“First, I would say my family. I love them so much, they are so dynamic, and have helped me in so many ways. Unfortunately it would take an entire article just to talk about how much I value them, so this time I will only choose one”.

“The person I look up to the most is my sister Elizabeth, who now lives in Shanghai. She’s only 26 years old (today), and moved there right after college. She’s the founder of a healthy juice and smoothie company called Lizzie’s All Natural, which brings awareness about health, and diet (essentially everything that we have here in Los Angeles) into the Shanghai community. People need to have an awareness of where their food is coming from, what they are putting into their body, and how they are living. She is a certified nutritionist, she is studying to be a yoga instructor, she teaches meditation, she’s brave, strong and has essentially done all of this on her own”. 
“Lastly, I also want to mention my friend Bianca, who has been a mentor to me. She’s a friend that I speak to everyday. She’s a spiritual psychologist who has her own company called You Are Complete. She posts a 1-minute video everyday about spiritual solutions, and insights about how to live a happy, healthy life. I think she is amazing, she works so hard to share what she has with the rest of the world. She’s started to build a community, where people want to build mindfulness, be happy, healthy and free. She’s always been there for me, and I just love her, and respect her so much”. 

If you could have an impact on a single life, how you would do it?

“I think the best way to have an impact on someone today is to love them. People live inside their minds, they feel the judgement that comes from the outside, and tend to get down on themselves. The sad truth is that you cannot simply tell someone what to do, or just change them. All you can do is show them that they matter, that they are important- through love. We need to show people that unconditional love is real, and it can be given without the expectation of getting anything in return.
“Every day people struggle with things such as anxiety, depression, abuse, or addiction. It’s hard to find help. To make it worse, the way technology has integrated into our world, it gives you the sense that people are out there, but you end up watching life happen instead of making real connections. It’s hard to know where to get help as there’s a lot of information coming at you all at once. The struggle to find authenticity can be overwhelming, but it is possible.

“The first thing that people need to do in this situation is to take a step forward and put yourself out there. Be willing to ask for help, and willing to accept it when it comes. The first couple of steps are hard, but things will eventually get better”.

Creating this story has been an amazingly fulfilling experience. Susy has great energy, open-mindedness, and creativity. The city of Los Angeles, needs and deserves what Susy has to offer. Even better, the world deserves to hear what Susy has to say, and we hope that this is only the beginning of a journey that leads to various opportunities where we can help one another grow and mature. When we set out to begin this project, our only goal was to have an impact on one person. By sharing Susy’s story, we hope to not only connect her with like-minded people, but to also help others by letting them know that their story matters. As Susy mentioned before, “taking that first step is difficult, but given time, things will get better”.

Susy’s hobbies: Playing gong and assisting Guy Douglas with Sound Healing

“I share my story, because I’ve overcome so much, and I have so many amazing support structures available to me that somepeople don’t have. As people, we need to feel more loved, and I am not just speaking about intimately. As a friend, as a person, as a human in this world, we need to help and support one another when going through difficult times”.
“Love without expectations”. – Susy Schieffelin

More beautiful artwork by Susy


Since this article was written, Susy has boldly and enthusiastically decided to take the next step on her journey. In early May, Susy left her role at Luxury Attaché to start her own business – one that is fully in alignment with her spirit. Using Reiki, Sound Healing, Meditation, and a variety of other holistic techniques, Susy’s company, The Copper Vessel, provides wellness consulting services to companies, healing and coaching services to individuals, as well as workshops and ceremonies to the public. All of her services are custom curated to create individualized programs that will facilitate real change and promote lasting happiness. Susy’s intention in starting her company is to help others find the same sense of wellbeing, peace, and happiness that she has found through her own experiences. Learn more about Susy’s wellness services at and get inspired by her Instagram @TheCopperVessel.

Thank you Susy.

Jay Whitley