The Social Club For New Beginnings

Intimate Environments

Intimacy Builds Relationships


The Devil is in the details... 

MySociety focuses on the things that most clubs miss time and time again, which could easily make or break your experience. Most club events are limited to a capacity of 50 people dependent upon the type. Any more than 50 inherently begins to lose the intimacy, making it difficult to focus on fewer, quality discussions. We would rather focus on quality over quantity.

Every event produced by MySociety must past a set of pre-conditions which include:

  1. Exclusive social networking environments. 
  2. Event capacity less than or equal to 50 people.
  3. Pre-selected ambiance and theme.
  4. Engagement location and accessibility.
  5. Refreshments in abundance.
  6. Pre and post event community engagement.
  7. Exclusive offerings for SilverClass and GoldClass members.